I’ve been capturing special moments with my camera since 1969 in high school.

Over the course of time a number of recurring themes became obvious. I love taking pictures of just about anything. Nature in all its glory holds a special place in my heart.

It could be the night sky or birds big or small, it’s whatever presents itself. Special moments appear out of thin air as if they were meant to be.

There will be plenty of other opportunities to share. Now have a look at the following four images. They have one thing in common. Your job, dear reader is to figure out that common theme.

Have you figured it out yet?

All four images are presented to you “upside down” they are reflections.

There is a lesson here. I’ve been using these images for well over twenty years in financial seminars. They are representative of my opinion- things are never as bad or as good as they may appear at first.

This is true with our everyday life. One simply needs to check the news to prove my point. So don’t get all tied up in knots over everything that happens. See what the whole picture is, don’t just give it a cursory glance.

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