We slept in this morning finally getting up at eight. I normally wake the sun up when I’m on holidays I’m afraid to miss a thing. If I could, I would use the entire 24/7 to be doing stuff. I could be exploring, hiking, even taking a picture or two. AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO PHOTOGRAPH!

When I’m on holidays, I try to get more in depth with the locals to get a better flavour of the place. It’s important to know that I’m not after anything free. I just needed better access if at all possible. To assist with that, I recruit the aid of a magazine – generally the Mississauga Quarterly where I was a contributing writer and photographer. I have a copy of my favourite article “In search of slow food” we toured Italy for four and a half weeks we made a habit of searching out slow food restaurants, I would show the the magazine and tell them that I was writing an article about slow food and would like to take pictures of the kitchen and food prep if at all possible.

Not only that, but once I start talking to the chef, I convince him or her that in all likelihood everything on the menu will look good. Furthermore, I would like to honour them by trying what they think they would like to eat that day. Being foodies we’re generally adventurous. It’s amazing what dishes we got to try. Also, the treatment we get from the chef and the staff. It is so much fun. I’m looking forward to trying this in the next few days.

Today was our walking day. We walked from our hotel to the train station, of course stopping at all photo opportunities. We also stopped for Donna’s and Yvonne to ogle any cats and dogs that happened by. Sandra is into the urban development scene. Public transportation is an important interest for her. It wasn’t a short trip time wise, but it was short distance wise. How else would one explore a place?

The Amsterdam Centraal train station is amazing not only for the architecture but for the number of people who use it every day. The bicycle parking lot off to the side was a site to behold. They sure do love their bikes here, but why not? The city was designed south them in mind it seems

Near the train station is St Nicholas a Catholic church. It was really ornate and s combination of styles cuypers was the architect and it was built in the nineteenth century.

Wow, just wow!

Them we headed off on a slow walk again to take everything in on the way to Anne Frank’s House. Of course we had to go through the redlight distict on the way





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