Meet Chloe, our thirteen and a half year old four legged daughter. She’s been an integral part of our lives for eleven of those years. We first met her at the Oakville Humane Society where she was recused from an extremely difficult start in life. It was love at first sight. She is so cool!

Over the course of our eleven wonderful years we’ve gone on close to 5,000 walks. Lots of cathartic moments over that time. I would often take my camera, (don’t act so surprised πŸ€“). More often than not – there was lots of time to think. In the winter, I would get the shift I call, “Get out of the warm bed, just to slip and slide on the frozen sidewalk hoping to pick up some dog sh.. to warm my hand shift.”

The walks provided lots of time to put things in perspective and have been an exceptional way to start my days. Want some graphic perspective? Well after picking up dog poop first thing in the morning – just how difficult will the other tasks at hand be?

I’ve come up with a series of lessons that are not new, just repackaged and from the viewpoint of watching Chloe in action.

Keep a Routine and Stay on Schedule

I’ve often said that Chloe and Donna are mutually co-dependent on each other, but once in a while they both let me in and are nice to me.

Chloe is really nice to me at 6:00 am – just before her morning walk. Then she’s really nice to me at 7:00 (her breakfast). At 11:45 she’s a lobbying machine for her 12:00 pm meal. Then 3:00 pm – if Donna is otherwise occupied we go for the second walk of the day. Chloe loves, loves, loves her walks.

Can’t forget the early lobbying session in advance of the 5:00 pm dinner. Then of course snack at 8:00 pm. We can almost tell time by her lobbying efforts.

Love Unconditionally

You can tell that Chloe is ecstatic when we get home, but she does have a favourite and I am able to get over it πŸ€— Greet your family, friends and like there is no one else you would rather be with.

We’re going for a Walk, not a March! Stop and smell the Roses, and the bushes and the trees and the hydrants and the fence posts and other dogs and benches.

Play hard, but rest and sleep just as hard as you play.

When you speak to someone, look at their eyes to connect.

Be fiercely protective of those you love.

Wherever you go, leave your mark (well I had to have some fun)

Above all, live your life with joie de vivre and have fun!

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  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Love is a four-legged word. So true , our fur babies teach us sooo much πŸ’— thank you for sharing!

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