It was September 2013 Marg and Brian Duckett were sitting at Harry’s bar in Venice, the very place that Ernest Hemingway frequented. This would be one of the many places visited around the Grand Canal and St. Mark’s square. The plan was to spend a couple of days here prior to their Mediterranean cruise.

The cruise would take them to places they only dreamed of with planned stops in Greece and Turkey finally returning to Venice.

They would take in some of the most famous landmarks from Greece’s classic period and the Greek islands. One of the island stops would be Santorini, which many think is the fabled Atlantis.

It is home of the white cliff side dwellings built above the caldera. The caldera is the lagoon created by the Minoan eruption one of the biggest eruptions in history some 3600 years ago.

Turkey provided its own mysterious and exotic places such as the Grand Bazaar, Blue Mosque and Topkapi palace in Istanbul. Then came the amazing library at Ephasis.

The whole trip was one magical highlight after another.

This trip was a number of years in the making. In fact, one of the earliest times the trip was crystalized was in a financial planning exercise called the “Diary Entry”

Put simply, this is a list detailing as many things as possible that are on a wish list. There are two extra twists; one being it is in the form of a diary page and the second it is five years into the future. Committing ideas in writing starts to formulate ideas about what is really important. These ideas start to crystalize and take shape and more likely to become reality. Most of us have two finite resources: money and life span. Using your resources wisely starts with knowing what is important to you and working on achieving it. Why not start your own diary entry today?

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