When opportunity knocks!

When opportunity knocks, open the door and walk through it!

One of my core beliefs is that we don’t always know when an opportunity will present itself.   Not only that, but once it knocks, you’ve got to walk through that door. You have to recognize it for what it is – embrace and and jump through with both feet.

Charlie McKittrick, is a talented musician who had some spare time on his hands courtesy of Covid-19.  We needed extra hands in the backyard with some rejigging of the gardens. It was a match made in heaven.  Donna knew exactly what she wanted and Charlie and I (OK, mostly Charlie) worked his magic to make the changes happen.

When we have worker bee guests, we insist that they stop and break bread with us. It was during one of those lunches that Charlie played his most recent song.  The song was delightful. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

As I listened to the words I could visualize a video develop in my head.  Not only that, but even the exact people to star in my video.  

Now for the rest of the story –

Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to be the wedding photographer for a friend’s wedding.  Michelle Burleigh, asked me if I would take her wedding pictures. Michelle is one of those people who has not only an outside beauty for all to see – she has an inner beauty and strength that’s a marvel.  Michelle’s story is worthy of one on its own.

I came out of photographic retirement to capture Michelle and Marvin’s special day. It was delightful to be around the whole family. I was in one of those special photo zones for the whole day. Everywhere I looked was an opportunity to capture some wonderful moment.  Taking memorable pictures was easy. Point the camera and shoot – in any direction. Whether it was Michelle, her bridesmaids, the children or other family members it made for a memorable image.

It was easy to visualize Michelle and Marvin in this music video.  I then approached Charlie with my vision, he jumped at the opportunity.  A phone call to Michelle resulted in a photo shoot that weekend.  Charlie would come down and we would incorporate him in the video. Michelle and Marvin were troopers as we shot the same shot over and over until I got what I was looking for.

However, my vision didn’t have clarity or the experience in music videos to edit or come up with a finished product – I got a friend Bob Davis to edit the first draft. Bob was following my instructions and we made a nice start.  It just didn’t have the finishing touches it needed. It just wasn’t there just yet.

Chris, then combined all the raw footage into a remarkable finished product. He truly took it to a different level.

Marvin paid me lots of money to retake this shot

I learned so much about shooting a video. I learned to acknowledge that the idea develops and may go a totally different way than when the concept first hatched. I’ve got a whole new level, of appreciation of just how talented people are – each bringing a different skill set that added to the finished product. 

Thank you Charlie for being open to share your song and take such a gamble. Thank you Michelle and Marvin for being there and so willing to participate and share your special day’s images.  Thank you Bob for working on a project that you really were following my direction blindly and made the first draft.

So along comes Chris, my son and we did another round of shooting.  This time, I was the second camera. We reshot some of the music scenes. Michelle and Marvin gave us permission to use some of the wedding shots and videos.

Chris, you were amazing, in your approach to me, being careful to not bruise my ego. Nothing made me prouder than seeing how you took some basic input, redid parts, then combined all to get to the finished product with Charlie.

It truly took a village to finish this video. I hope you enjoy it.

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