Limited Edition Prints

I’ve been taking pictures since the first week of high school in 1969. Over the years I’ve been blessed through circumstances and by design to have access to a significant number of photo opportunities. We have travelled far and wide, although not as far or as wide as I would like.

One of the many reasons I love photography is my ability to capture a scene, an animal or a flower and share my capture with others. Not everyone is able to take in those special moments, I see my photography as a way to enable others to see the beauty I saw and memorialized in an image.

Periodically, I would aggregate several portfolio images from the thousands I shot and print 5″ x 7″ cards in the recurring themes. The primary purpose has been for use with my financial planning clients as greeting cards.

These cards have been sold in bulk to Financial Planners, real estate sales people and other professionals for their client mailers. When I printed the cards, I also had another more worthy cause, helping others. As a result, I always doubled up on printing numbers and dedicated those extra cards to use as donations for the exclusive use of Charities I want to support.

Registered charities.

I will entertain supporting other charities that I have not supported in the past. Please email me with details about the charity, registration number and the event. The proposed use, as well as the number of cards, should also be included.

PLEASE NOTE – Existing financial planning clients of Naguib Kerba and Bellwether Family Wealth. This does not constitute a solicitation for print sales or photography-related services. If you like any of the prints, ask, and it would be my pleasure to gift them to you.


Heron in the Mist

I went to a cottage on a fishing trip to a cabin on Charbot Lake with my long-time friend Ed Farquharson. One of Ed’s and my favourite things is going out on photography expeditions. He would be the skipper in our vessel – that has been a canoe, a fourteen-foot fishing boat or a dingy on the high seas.

Ed anticipated what I wanted as a photographer and maneuvered us into the perfect position to have the right light or angle. This image was no exception – we chased that Heron for nearly a half hour and took several shots. We hope you will like the result.






Loon Taking Flight

This image was part of my single most spiritual moment. As usual, I was on another fishing trip and woke up rather early, so early that I decided to leave the cabin in the fishing boats. It was an amazing, serene scene with calm water; the sun was just past the horizon.

I heard a loon and wanted to see if I could sneak up on it and get a good shot. I have been attempting to photograph them for well over twenty years. The challenge was there was always something wrong – a busy background, a low posture, too far, the sun in the wrong place. There was always something that made it just an OK Picture. As a rule, I never pray and ask God for favours like having my favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs win (Some believe that even God thinks this might be too big an ask). That is just too frivolous and comes off as too shallow in my mind.

This morning would be different; I asked the frivolous ask. I said, “Please, God, give me a nice photo opportunity with the Loon. Within mere moments I reach the island, and as I rounded it, I saw not one or two but seven loons rafting together. Then one more flew in and floated into the pack. If that wasn’t enough, a ninth one came up from a dive. The problem was they were all rafting together and kept a low profile in the water. Still no shot.

The sun was in the perfect spot; the best birding light casts the photographer’s shadow toward the bird. Then a single loon went to a nearby bay in the shade and slowly started running in the water right past my boat – dark background, brightly lit bird, and a wonderful action shot made my day and, ultimately, this limited edition print.


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