This is the list of pre-printed cards for sale collection. This post is from some special places we have been fortunate enough to visit. These images have been made into high gloss 5″ x 7″ cards for sale.

Periodically, I would aggregate several portfolio images from the thousands I shot and print 5″ x 7″ cards in the recurring themes. The primary purpose has been for use with my financial planning clients as greeting cards.

These cards have been sold in bulk to Financial Planners, real estate salespeople and other professionals for their client mailers. When I printed the cards, I also had another worthy cause, helping others. As a result, I always doubled up on printing numbers and dedicated those extra cards as donations for the exclusive use of Charities I wanted to support.

Registered charities.

I will entertain supporting other charities that I have not supported in the past. Please email me with details about the charity, registration number and the event. The proposed use, as well as the number of cards, should also be included.

Please keep in mind – Existing financial planning clients of Naguib Kerba and Bellwether Family Wealth. This does not constitute a solicitation for print sales or photography-related services. If you like any of the cards, ask, and it would be my pleasure to gift them to you.

Revelo, Italy

“Amazing Sunrise View” Ravello, Italy

Italy has provided photographic, culinary and cultural inspiration beyond our wildest dreams. This is the view from our B&B patio deck. There were well over 80 steps between the car parked on the street and our room on the hillside.

We spent four weeks on this trip which covered both the East and West coast of Italy. The trip also took in central and Northern Italy. The theme of the trip was the “Slow Food Movement”. I am blessed in that my core belief is, “Everywhere we go is was special in its own way”. Italy was certainly all of that and more.

The most exciting part was the drive around the Amalfi Coast – I’m sure that if they inspected the rental car more carefully on return, they would have seen the indents from my fingers where I crushed the steering wheel from the excitement.

Maurizio Capra, a good friend and an Italian living in Brescia, once said of the Italian traffic. “The speed limit is merely a starting suggestion, how fast you go depends on how expensive your car is.” One obvious take away – the Italians love their roads and driving on them – just look at how and where they built them.


Sunrise on the Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of those cities I could have photographed around the clock. The Charles bridge is a magnet for locals and tourists alike. One can tell just how early I was there by the few people on the bridge. This was the second of a ten day river Cruise and I could have spent all ten days in any of the stops.

Donna and I have a phrase that we’ve perfected – “It’s hard to do any place justice in one or two days, or even weeks for that matter. We intend to do the whole country an injustice.” How else can we see more?


Secret Canyon, Page, Arizona USA

There are three types of trips that one can take to see the slot canyons. The regular tourist half hour for you and your closest thirty five to forty strangers. There is a small group one hour version with eight to ten people. THEN, there is the three hour four person photographer’s trip.

This is where Donna came in handy, she was the fourth person – which meant one less photographer competing for tripod position. I could have spent days there but I figured this is better and easier for Donna to be happy only waiting for me the three hours in the desert. She has been so incredibly patient. She must have suspected something was up when the first two stops outside the Denver airport were at two quilt shops to buy fabric.


“An Amazing Coincidence” Buttermilk Falls State Park, Finger Lakes, New York

I have been going on photo weekends with Bob Pope since we first met in the Sheridan College photography course in 1973. This trip started out like many others but one coincidence, then another, then another made it one of the most magical weekends. Photo opportunities were absolutely everywhere.

Mother Nature provided the extra magic. Generally, at the time we visited these falls, there would be a lot less water. However, a three-day rain deluge provided the extra water needed for the magic. We would go up the trail, spot a waterfall and think it was the most beautiful one we’ve seen, only to see a better one five minutes later. It was an incredibly photogenic spot.

Venice Italy

“After the tourists go home”, Venice, Italy

There are a number of places that truly have a different feel with and without tourists. Venice will never be without tourists, but the difference between the day and late evening is huge. The tourists are back in the cabins of the cruise ships or back on the the mainland.

We stayed in Venice on this trip and as fortune would have it I ran out of space on my digital camera card. This was early on in the digital photography era when the cards were in excess of three hundred dollars for 256 meg. I had to go to computer stores and backup images so I didn’t lose anything important.

That night, I filled my cards yet again and kept telling Donna that she need not worry, i was running out of space and won’t keep her long. The only problem was every corner I turned provided an even better photo opportunity. To capture the essence of the spot I would need to take three or four shots. At least with digital, I was able to delete some lesser images from early on the trip to make the room needed for the new special place. Donna is an angel!

“Before the Sunrise”, Vale, Colorado, USA

Whenever I go to a conference I add “ME time”. To decompress and more importantly, take in the special places I am visiting. To me there is no bogger waste of an opportunity than going someplace, staying inside conference rooms and eat a fancy meal, only to repeat the same thing the next day or two. There are a lot of benefits to the conferences like being with your peers and developing a deeper appreciation for the subject you are becoming more proficient at.

However, what’s the use of going to Colorado and NOT seeing the mountains or the myriad of historical sights? My advice to you – make the time and see the special place you are in.

Dominican Republic

“Why you shouldn’t sleep in on holidays”, Dominican Republic

My favourite part of the day is waking up the sun! What a beautiful way to usher in a new day?

This was a working vacation, I was the photographer of the son of a dear friend Yvonne Tyml. It turned out to be the most photogenic group of young people I have had the pleasure of photographing in 40 years of wedding photos. What’s better? Spending the week getting to know them. It made for some real fun photos because we were all comfortable with each other.

Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland

“Quidi Vidi” Newfoundland

Our trip to Newfoundland covered 11,000 Kilometers in 17 days. and 14,000 photos! Newfoundland’s rugged beauty is so special that it leaves you breathless. As incredible and amazing the place is, the people are even better! There were many highlights including special permits to photograph the puffins. There were a significant number of Icebergs (Another Blog in the future)

Le Domaine des Hautes Collines, Saint Jeannet, France

“Time in a bottle”, Vignoble Saint Jeannet, France

A trip highlight, a tour of the flower market followed by a lunch in Old Niece, followed by a drive to the hilltop village of Saint Jeannet. A wine tasting and sunset tour of the hilltop village and a wonderful night at the “Frog’s House”.

Another highlight was the cooking lesson with Monique and Larry McDonald as well as four American ladies from the west coast. We had to eat what we made for brunch – it was delightful

Oia, Santorini

“At the Sea’s edge in the Caldera” Oia, Santorini

Santorini was a bucket list item for me and we stayed for three magical nights. I had to take in the sunrises and sunsets of this island. We stayed in a cliff dwelling that provided the single best place I have ever witnessed a sunrise. For me to say this beat my cottage, the Amalfi Coast, Key West or Mexico says a lot.

The only problem there was it seemed like all the stairs were up. We went swimming in the Caldera. The return trip to our villa was exhausting after the swim.

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