Algonquin & Oxtongue lake area

My first visit to Algonquin Park and area was in July 1964 as a ten-year-old.  My family had just arrived from Egypt the month before.  

My aunt Marie and her husband, Emanuel Gharghoury took us there because our families have camped numerous times together prior to this. The only difference was the previous camping experience was in the desert by the Red Sea.  If you can imagine the sea, a road partially covered by sand and finally, 1,500 to 2,000-foot hills. ALL WITH NO TREES IN SIGHT!!

Me the ten year old couldn’t figure out who had the time to plant all those trees.


Fall Colours


Oxtongue Lake


Donna and I had been creating our concept of a perfect place to enjoy our retirement.  Over time, we articulated a picture of what that place would be like. On a camping trip into Algonquin Park, we came by a cottage for sale sign. We went down that road only to discover our perfect place had arrived twenty-five years early.  If we had a list of fifteen things we were looking for – this had thirteen of them.  It was twice as much as we could afford and an hour farther away.



Algonquin Park









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