February 2019 was a perfect time to go on the trip of a lifetime.  We planned the trip and had expert advice from our friend Dave Taylor who had previously conducted several expeditions as the travelling expert. Elena Prountzopoulos was the inside sales director at ATOURZ.  They arranged for Leopard Tours to be our tour guide, and we had Jonathan as our guide for the twelve days in Tanzania.

We would have a two-night layover in Amsterdam on the way to Tanzania and another two days on the way back to Canada.  This ensured we would be relatively rested once we got to the destination. 

The twelve days would provide one highlight after another.  We managed to time the spring migration and birthing seasons and, as a bonus, had perfect weather. I have video as well as still photography.  This blog will only have the stills.




Wildebeest & Zebra Migration


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