While picking just one theme as a favourite is hard, I “Love Shooting Portraits and especially the candid ones.” My ultimate goal is to capture the person’s essence, whether by doing an activity, simply posing or just in conversation.

See my series called The Essence of… it’s in our blog section. 

The Nurses from HCH Class 70A

One of the professions I genuinely respect and admire is nursing.  I’ve been on the receiving end of some of the most understanding, hard-working and empathetic people in that profession. We all receive their services when we are in the worst parts of our journeys.  When we are most vulnerable, in pain or bad mood, they’re there for us with compassion and empathy. It takes a special person to work in those jobs and handle those situations.

I’m sure the class of HCH Class 70A was no different. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them as a group twice. Karen Sakala is my sister-in-law, and Pat Hall is a long-term client; both are members of that class. I jumped at the opportunity to photograph them using an idea I’ve wanted to pursue for some time.  Take a portrait with them holding their grad pictures. This way, I would repay some of them for the amazing services I’ve received from nurses.  

This is also dedicated to the other male and female nurses I know and the ones I don’t know.  You are an incredibly important part of our lives. Please remember that we truly appreciate what you do – every time you show up!

These images are included with permission.  Thank you.



Burleigh ~ McDoom Family

Without a doubt one of my favourite photo subjects for several reasons. What a pleasure it has been to photograph this family.



Steele Family

I see a variety of the Steele family almost daily on their walks, going to school or on my walks with our dog Shiloh.  I have always thought that they made a very photogenic family.  At the end of May 2023, we set up a portrait session and here are some of the results from our session. 

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