Peel Crime Stoppers…

Peel First Responders RECOGNITION BBQ

Caledon 2023

I used to think that something bad was happening to someone when an ambulance passed us.  My daughter, Tara, reframed my thinking and created a new paradigm for me.

She said to think of this as someone getting much-needed assistance at a moment of distress. It was indeed a different way of thinking…

Now, thanks to Imran Hasan and the board at Peel Crime Stoppers, I have been allowed to meet those people when they are not on their way to an emergency.

An opportunity presented itself to photograph the Third Annual Peel Crime Stoppers, First Responders BBQ. It was an honour to meet more of the Region of Peel’s best of the best among us.  They are there for us in some of life’s awful moments. Some have chosen a life of service – whether they are Police, Paramedics or Fire.  In addition, there are a number of services that are manned by volunteers.  I am in the first stages of learning all about the components that make this a worthy cause.  There were numerous participants involved.  I will include a link to their website.

Thank you to my new friend Imran Hasan, for introducing me to this integral part of our community. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet Peel’s finest.

Food was provided by three food trucks and one under a tent.

  • Baker’s Jerk, Kirk Baker.

  • Alejandro’s, Samer Khatib.

  • North Corner, Ivan Rueda.

  • Twisted Dairy, Jena Sabaratnam.

A dunk tank was provided, and several brave souls volunteered to be dunked.  There was a significant lineup to throw the ball to create a dunking.

This was a free community event and a significant meet and greet for those in Caledon and all of Peel.  Thank you to all the willing attendees who posed for me.  I love meeting and photographing people in this environment as they are the most willing participants.  I always ask if it is OK to photograph people.  As a public event and venue, no permission is needed, BUT I ALWAYS ASK.

Would you like to learn more? These are some of the Sponsors and participants. My apologies for the ones  missed.





    • to order their book

The meal providers:

  • Baker’s Jerk House –

  • Alejandro’s Kitchen –

  • North Corner –

  • Twistee Dairy – 

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