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Recently, I’ve been introduced to an incredible big band led by my friend Dan Bodanis. What is the name of this band, you ask?  Why — the Dan Bodanis Big Band, of course!   And his band features some truly exceptional musicians.  

Trinidadian-born, multi-award winning trumpet player BROWNMAN ALI is one of them.  He has been heralded as “Canada’s preeminent jazz trumpet player” by the New York Village Voice, leads 8 groups of his own, is a 2x National Jazz Award winner, 8x Global Music award winner, 7x Toronto Music Award winner, and has won far too much more for me to list here!  He splits his time between Toronto, ON and Brooklyn, NY (home to his own record label BROWNTASAURAS RECORDS — and is often on the road over 250 days a year as a highly in-demand touring musician.  He recently returned to Canada from a two-month, 50+ show cross country marathon tour with the NICK MACLEAN QUARTET, where he’s the featured soloist.. Being a photographer and financial planner, I may not know all the musical terms and phrases — but I do know what I like!  Watching and & listening to Brownman Ali and Dan’s entire ensemble has given me a new appreciation of the jazz genre.

Over the years, I’ve travelled with musicians and so understand, at some level, what they go through to ply their trade.  Most people attend the venue and enjoy the show, but few recognize what it took to get to that stage. Few recognize the 10,000 hours of work that go into their becoming some of the best in the nation.  To better understand how busy and hard-working a musician like Brown is, I’ve included a link to Brownman Ali’s tour itinerary (mentioned above), so readers can truly appreciate the other elements and aspects of the musician’s life. Here is a 2-month snippet into the life of a touring musician —   50-plus tour dates over two months, and 20,000 KM of the road!  Amazing!  

In the next few months, I will have several opportunities to showcase Brownman Ali and, hopefully, a few others to give those who come here a better appreciation for what it takes to create this music we love.


For more information on Brownman Ali, please visit

I encourage you to read his impressive bio HERE.

Dan Bodanis Big Band

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