Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation

In June 2019, I was part of a group of volunteers who flew down to Jamaica to build a school in St Elizabeth Parish.  They were there to build, I’m not sure if I helped or hindered them. I do know that I took some amazing images of the school building and assisted in supporting the cause ever since.

Natasha Borota of itFactor’s team led and organized the event.   To this day, I am amazed at how much effort and how she makes it look so easy. I’ve always maintained that true professionals are the ones that make a task look easy. 

We work from early morning until lunchtime, then the staff behind the scene keep working. Our group aims to add the finishing touches and have a school dedicated by week’s end.

I am writing about this now because I will be heading back to Jamaica on July 4th for my second and the organization’s 26th build.

I would love to have you support the organization by making direct charitable donations – – because I am involved in financial planning and people’s money, it is considered inappropriate and a major conflict to target clients (I agree).  This is not directed at any clients but to the public at large.

Here is their Website:

The images below are form the 2019 build.

My Favourite Artistic shots of the trip

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