On August 26th, I celebrated my eleventh month on our little blue planet. See how worldly I’ve become? I am now 43 pounds! I have no idea about this metric thing just yet.

I’m aware of so many more things on different levels. I feel so much more sophisticated. Sometimes, it’s little creepy crawly things. I can watch them to see how they crawl. Especially if I sniff them, it’s as if we’re in a dance. I’m not sure they like the part where I eat them.  I’m sure you’re laughing about that now. Stop and think how silly you are. Where do you think I learned to eat these things?

I’ve watched Mom, especially Dad, eat strange things. People call them delicacies. People fancy these things so much that I see them taking pictures of the food on their plates. Imagine going into your future ten or twenty years from now.  When you look back at the pictures in your photo album and see how many are of food you’ve managed to scarf down. So don’t be laughing at me. 

While we’re on food as a topic. Whoever was the first one to eat a lobster for the very first time must have been crackers! I can imagine the thought pattern.  “Hmm, this ugly crusty thing has two big claws and wants to bite my finger (paw). It’s red and eats the garbage on the sea bed. It doesn’t even walk forward, I think. Maybe I’ll eat it. I hope my stomach can digest it “

What makes one think that a snail is yummy? Or fish eggs that are so rare that people pay big bucks to buy them. Then, they put them on cheese and crackers to hide the flavour and texture.  

This diatribe was all about telling you that I’m becoming more sophisticated as I mature. I am no longer biting Mom’s hands and fingers – they’re bony. As a mature pooch, I have developed certain tastes for the finer things in life.  My absolute favourite thing to do is to get total strangers to stop, say hi, proclaim how cute I am, and then rub my tummy.  I think everyone needs to stop to enrich their day. I now have a rotation of must stop places.  As a bonus, I was able to thwart Dad’s attempts by strategically placing those homes/people on ALL our routes.  

I have favourites, though, ironically, one at each end of my street.  Dave and Mike are my best buddies. Then, there is Sheena and her two dogs. I also make Dad take me to the baseball diamond so I can maximize the people exposure.  My favourite place is the Ambulance Bay – I love first responders; they are the best!  I get so excited when I see one of them. I wag my entire rear end and tail when I see them, and then as they come over, I strategically roll over to give them the moment of joy when they rub my soft tummy.  It’s a tough job making people happier.

I do the same with all the dogs and cats and have discovered squirrels and birds.  Funny thing, Dad keeps trying to ensure I’m not around the black cats with a white stripe on their backs. He has sniffed them before and isn’t a fan. He is also convinced that I will eventually meet up with one and get to play.

Finally, I heard that I will visit Aunt Paula and Uncle Glenn again. Mom and Dad are going away again. I saw Dad practicing to drink something called Scotch. I sniffed it and didn’t understand what he was talking about.  Anyway, I’ve found a way to access his computer and the photos that he will be taking – stay tuned, friends and followers. I have some tricks up my sleeve.  They will not be posting to Facebook, only here on the blog. Bye for now, but stay tuned.

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