Cedar Creek

Reservoir 2023

At this career stage, I have the luxury of always adding “me days” before and after company conferences. 

I am unwilling to fly halfway across the continent to go to a two or three-day conference and see the inside of a fancy hotel meeting room. Then, after the meeting,  go to a fancy restaurant and repeat it the next day. Finally, fly home without seeing where I’ve been.

This year’s conference took us to Dallas. I got to see my work colleagues from the rest of the country and met some new ones.  It was a great time, and we saw the Dallas Cowboys play and win in their new stadium.  

Photographically, I had two notable highlights. First, I took in a Native American Powwow, photos can be found under portfolios on this website.  After the conference, I  visited a Nazrudin colleague, Trey Cure, at his lake house on Cedar Creek Reservoir. Nazrudin is a think tank that delves into the more holistic elements of financial planning. Trey took me by boat to Bird Island.

It is a nature reserve for hundreds of American White Pelicans and Cormorants likely in the thousands.  I have never seen either in this kind of quantity.  Trey circled the island as I kept the motor drive on the camera very busy.  Everywhere I looked was a picture to be had.

Trey is also an amazing cook and treated me to some wonderful meals, but getting to know him and having deep discussions were the highlight. 


American White Pelicans

  • Breeds in the midwest US states and Canadian Prairie Provinces. The normal range is southern US states and Mexico.

  • It is notorious for stealing food, even in nests beside them.

  • The oldest known one lived to age 23 years and six months.

  • Very comfortable living side by side with Cormorants.

Double-Crested Cormorants

Interesting facts about Cormorants.  

  • The breeding range is from Midwest US states to Prairie Provinces in Canada. It can be found on the southern edge of the US and Mexico.

  • They can weigh from .75 pounds to 11 pounds and have a wingspan of 24 to 39 inches.

  • They can live to 8 years. One banded one was observed to be 22 years.

  • They can eat one to one and a half pounds of fish per bird per day.

Other interesting birding opportunities

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