As Beautiful as the land is,

Its people are even more Beautiful!

We were in Newfoundland for 17 days, and I took almost 6,000 pictures.  Everywhere I looked was a photo to be taken.  We crossed the island from west to east and went into remote communities in the north and south.

We both loved the landscape with its rugged terrain and the tiny villages dotting the coast. With all that, we still loved the people more.  We just wanted to give them one big collective hug.

Special thank you to Jim Shaw and Judie Nevers, who not only insisted on us going but hosted us and drove us around for nearly half the trip. We dedicate this post to you.

We went in August, generally too late to see Icebergs. As it happened, the Peterman ice shelf broke away from Greenland, and by the time we got there, there were likely more icebergs in that area, which surprised even the locals.

My iceberg photography career was compressed into a three-day wild ride. The icebergs filled sheltered bays. Great Berhat Bay was full of icebergs and photo opportunities.

Harbours & Landscapes

Puffin Special Opportunity

I secured one of about a dozen permits per season to land on Gull Island in Witless Bay.  

We needed three days in our B&B to ensure I had ample opportunity. We also had to arrange a boat ride and were required to hire a guide. Of course, being Newfoundland, we couldn’t go the first day. Fortune was kind, and we went on the second day.  Landing was a real challenge as the waves made tying the boat challenging.  It was pure magic!


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