Three Days at Eileen Donan

I was on a mission during our trip to Scotland in 2023.  I would get my calendar-worthy picture of Eileen Donan Castle no matter what!

To do that, I would need several opportunities under different lighting conditions. I knew that if I stayed in one spot long enough in Scotland, I would have all four seasons. Scotland did not surprise on that front in those three days.  

We would stay nearby in Dornie, making instant access a dream; I was five minutes walk away from the castle. I would want to try the different high and low tide angles. I would shoot it in the morning light and at sundown. I would shoot it in the rain or sun. 

I would shoot the east and west sides, from south and north of the castle. I would shoot it with the telephoto and wide-angle lens. My iPhone, too, was beneficial.

It would not be from lack of effort if I didn’t get my shot.  I could have easily stayed another week and been okay with it.

Chasing the sun was a lot of fun.  It was like hide and seek at times.  Whatever light I would get sometimes gave me opportunities from one side; at other times, I would have to run across the bridge and go to the side that was sunlight. And when I got there, it would hide behind clouds.  I would wait twenty, thirty, forty minutes for the clouds to split open and give me that instant of light I needed.  Another time, there was lots of sunshine on the castle, but that was when I was on the castle grounds and couldn’t get across the bay.

As I have said, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

The castle grounds also provided an excellent viewpoint of the meeting of the three water bodies.

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