About Us


The lens of a camera can be a porthole, an aperture that reveals a defined moment in the time and space of our unfolding reality – a moment that can reveal a universal value or truth or pattern that connects and unites. In the hands of a man with the sensibilities of Naguib Kerba, it becomes an instrument of insight and, often, inspiration. He stops the moment and captures something of the universal in each frame

Naguib has a passion for exploration and discovery in all that he does. As a financial planner exploring the heart’s core longings of his clients, he helps them create a solid financial plan that supports what matters most to them in living their lives every day, not just some day. As a traveler, he explores the hidden beauties of each destination, preserving them with his camera, to reveal to others what often goes unseen. He devotes his time, energy and heart to penetrating beneath appearances to the core meaning and connections that speak to a miraculous wholeness. “It’s all about the journey” informs all that he is and does

By adding stories to his photographs, Naguib deepens his focus on the ever-present beauty, wisdom, devotion, and delight that characterize his discoveries so that others may also perceive them. This is another core value for Naguib: community. He has a global network of financial planning colleagues who share his financial skills within a life planning context. He is active in his local community supporting charitable activities and the arts. He steps into leadership roles to bring these interests to fruition as an act of joyful service, whether in the international financial world or in his home town

Naguib is devoted to his family, his friends, his clients, his community and his profession. He invests himself wholeheartedly in making the most of his own journey through life, and then sharing the learning and gifts of that journey however he can. His mission in life is simple, if not always easy – to make a positive difference in every life he touches.

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