Wonders of the Earth, 2023 Calendar

Wonders of the Earth 2023 Calendar The 2023 Calendar was based on a road trip that we undertook for five weeks in May and June of 2022.   We drove from Mississauga to Seattle, turned left, then used the Pacific Coast Highway with a couple of excursions to Yosemite and Sonoma Valley. When we left […]

Cards by Naguib ~ Special Places

This is the list of pre-printed cards for sale collection. This post is from some special places we have been fortunate enough to visit. These images have been made into high gloss 5″ x 7″ cards for sale. Periodically, I would aggregate several portfolio images from the thousands I shot and print 5″ x 7″ […]

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints I’ve been taking pictures since the first week of high school in 1969. Over the years I’ve been blessed through circumstances and by design to have access to a significant number of photo opportunities. We have travelled far and wide, although not as far or as wide as I would like. One […]

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