3 Days of Eilean Donan

Three Days at Eileen Donan I was on a mission during our trip to Scotland in 2023.  I would get my calendar-worthy picture of Eileen Donan Castle no matter what! To do that, I would need several opportunities under different lighting conditions. I knew that if I stayed in one spot long enough in Scotland, […]


Newfoundland As Beautiful as the land is, Its people are even more Beautiful! We were in Newfoundland for 17 days, and I took almost 6,000 pictures.  Everywhere I looked was a photo to be taken.  We crossed the island from west to east and went into remote communities in the north and south. We both […]


LANDSCAPES Donna and I have been married since 1976 and have developed a symbiotic relationship with our waking hours.  This is especially true when we are on holiday.  I can not sleep and find that I have to wake the sun up. On the other hand, she needs more sleep and is not a morning […]

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