3 Days of Eilean Donan

Three Days at Eileen Donan I was on a mission during our trip to Scotland in 2023.  I would get my calendar-worthy picture of Eileen Donan Castle no matter what! To do that, I would need several opportunities under different lighting conditions. I knew that if I stayed in one spot long enough in Scotland, […]

Scotland 2023

Scotland 2023 I’ve had several friends and relatives who hailed from Scotland.  Even my wife Donna recently discovered that she has 25% Scottish heritage. To a person anyone who spent time there has implored me to visit.  Scotland has some of the most incredible scenery, history, and everything I would look for in a destination. […]


There will always be something new to see if you are open to seeing it.

Travel – Europe

TRAVEL – EUROPE We’ve been to Europe several times and plan on going back some more. Every place we visited has been special.  It provides us with a lot of the things we look for with Natural history, Man-made history, Museums, architecture and ancient history. Our core belief is that every place is special.  Another […]

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