The Essence of Jim and Judie

The Essence of Jim and Judie Judie Talkative ~ Spontaneous ~ Organized ~ Humorous ~ Optimistic ~ Adventurous Jim Sensitive ~ Precise ~ Enthusiastic ~ Adventuresome ~ Happy ~ Nice Very few people have made as much impact on my life as these two people.  They have been like having a big brother and a […]

Native American Celebration

My conference trip to Dallas coincided with the Native American Celebration held in Dallas, Texas.  I had a basic idea of what to expect, but that idea turned into a wow experience.  I was going to stay a n hour or so.  I ended up staying for most of the show.   I’m not up […]


While picking just one theme as a favourite is hard, I “Love Shooting Portraits and especially the candid ones.” My ultimate goal is to capture the person’s essence, whether by doing an activity, simply posing or just in conversation. See my series called The Essence of… it’s in our blog section.  The Nurses from HCH […]

Big Ticket Cruisers, A trip of a lifetime for $50 per month

The Big Ticket Cruisers; A Trip of a Lifetime for $50 per month The Voyage of the Velocity I started working at the Sears store in Square One on May 2nd, 1982. I left Sears in 1994 to become a full-time financial planner. I am proud to say that the friends I made at that […]

Our Journey with Willow, is this part of the Master plan?

Most people in our universe of family and friends are familiar with the journey we’ve made and the results so far. Some readers may not be. My wife Donna and I fell in love with a photo on Facebook of a White Labrador Retriever puppy being sold by a relative. The only problem was the […]

Cards by Naguib ~ Special Places

This is the list of pre-printed cards for sale collection. This post is from some special places we have been fortunate enough to visit. These images have been made into high gloss 5″ x 7″ cards for sale. Periodically, I would aggregate several portfolio images from the thousands I shot and print 5″ x 7″ […]

Life Lessons that Chloe taught me

Meet Chloe, our thirteen and a half year old four legged daughter. She’s been an integral part of our lives for eleven of those years. We first met her at the Oakville Humane Society where she was recused from an extremely difficult start in life. It was love at first sight. She is so cool! […]

2021 Calendar – The rest of the story

The 2021 calendar is an aggregate of many special places and moments from the past. This article will tell the story of each picture. Other images in the blog will duplicate some of my previous entries. The cover was the result of five hours of concerted effort to master photographing these marvellous birds. It was […]

Portfolios – Black and White

I’ve been taking pictures since the first semester in high school. Over time a number of themes have become evident. You’ve seen one published already – “Upside down”. Black and White photography has made a significant come back in the last ten years. The image has to be much more dramatic by way of composition, […]

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