CUBA ~ The view from the Pink Convertible

CUBA ~  The View from the Pink Convertible I wanted to see the non-tourist Cuba. I knew it would expose me to a different level of poverty from what I have seen before. I have been exposed to poverty in several countries before.  For some reason, this hit me harder and made me even more […]


Newfoundland As Beautiful as the land is, Its people are even more Beautiful! We were in Newfoundland for 17 days, and I took almost 6,000 pictures.  Everywhere I looked was a photo to be taken.  We crossed the island from west to east and went into remote communities in the north and south. We both […]

Scotland 2023

Scotland 2023 I’ve had several friends and relatives who hailed from Scotland.  Even my wife Donna recently discovered that she has 25% Scottish heritage. To a person anyone who spent time there has implored me to visit.  Scotland has some of the most incredible scenery, history, and everything I would look for in a destination. […]

The Cedar Creek Reservoir Visit

Cedar Creek Reservoir 2023 At this career stage, I have the luxury of always adding “me days” before and after company conferences.  I am unwilling to fly halfway across the continent to go to a two or three-day conference and see the inside of a fancy hotel meeting room. Then, after the meeting,  go to […]

Native American Celebration

My conference trip to Dallas coincided with the Native American Celebration held in Dallas, Texas.  I had a basic idea of what to expect, but that idea turned into a wow experience.  I was going to stay a n hour or so.  I ended up staying for most of the show.   I’m not up […]

Living the Dream ~ Naguib’s 2024 Calendar

Naguib Kerba’s ~ 2024 Calendar Living the Dream December 2023 “Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself.” L.W.Gilbert I was on my way to a photo shoot for a nursing reunion. You never know what the traffic will be like, so I left […]


There will always be something new to see if you are open to seeing it.

Fourth of July – US Flag

US Flags and Landmarks I’ve been fortunate to travel to all 48 Contiguous States. I have to say, every one was special in its own way.  There was a unique beauty in each of them. During our travels, I met some friendly, wonderful and truly amazing people. They all had their individual stories.  One common […]

Wonders of the Earth, 2023 Calendar

Wonders of the Earth 2023 Calendar The 2023 Calendar was based on a road trip that we undertook for five weeks in May and June of 2022.   We drove from Mississauga to Seattle, turned left, then used the Pacific Coast Highway with a couple of excursions to Yosemite and Sonoma Valley. When we left […]

“The Return Of The Terrors”

March 2020 began a strange two years with the start of Covid 19 shutdowns. The Tartan Terrors were playing gigs in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.   As they were about to play in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the first Covid closures were being announced. The NBA closed down for the season. College basketball made the difficult decision […]

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