SHILOH’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE – Part V ~ Observations on Maturity

SHILOH’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES Part V ~ On Maturity On August 26th, I celebrated my eleventh month on our little blue planet. See how worldly I’ve become? I am now 43 pounds! I have no idea about this metric thing just yet. I’m aware of so many more things on different levels. I feel so much […]

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints I’ve been taking pictures since the first week of high school in 1969. Over the years I’ve been blessed through circumstances and by design to have access to a significant number of photo opportunities. We have travelled far and wide, although not as far or as wide as I would like. One […]

The eyes say it all!

One of my favourite sayings when I was on the safari. It’s not close enough if I can’t see their eyes! That was true of any animal or bird I was looking to photograph. It’s also true of people as well. There are exceptions of course. Some of the people pictures I take are definitely […]

Safari 2018 – Day Two Amsterdam

We slept in this morning finally getting up at eight. I normally wake the sun up when I’m on holidays I’m afraid to miss a thing. If I could, I would use the entire 24/7 to be doing stuff. I could be exploring, hiking, even taking a picture or two. AND THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING […]

Safari Feb 13 travel day

Again, no words, but where has the time gone? Having this much fun is invigorating and exhausting. Oh well, bring on the last two days in Africa. Previous Next

Safari Feb 12 – Helped wake up the sun

Then watched the most spectacular sunset we’ve experienced. Oh yeah, and some photo opportunities in between. I’m in the most amazing zone ever! I’ve been also shooting videos as well, very interesting similarities and differences with stills. Previous Next

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