SHILOH’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES IV ~ First Time at the Cottage and Oxtongue Lake Well, what can I say?  I’ve found a piece of heaven, almost. Let me explain – it appears that my parents don’t trust me just yet.  Normally, one would think that little old (young) me as a very trusty pal.  Mom and […]


SHILOH’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Meeting the Parents November 18 2022 My whole world turned upside down today, in a good way, I hope.   I’m Shiloh, a two-month-old Labrador Retriever. I was born at Asklar Kennels kennel on a farm.  My four-legged mom is a relatively small Red Labrador Retriever. My father is a very large […]


SAFARI February 2019 was a perfect time to go on the trip of a lifetime.  We planned the trip and had expert advice from our friend Dave Taylor who had previously conducted several expeditions as the travelling expert. Elena Prountzopoulos was the inside sales director at ATOURZ.  They arranged for Leopard Tours to be our […]

Our Journey with Willow, is this part of the Master plan?

Most people in our universe of family and friends are familiar with the journey we’ve made and the results so far. Some readers may not be. My wife Donna and I fell in love with a photo on Facebook of a White Labrador Retriever puppy being sold by a relative. The only problem was the […]

Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints I’ve been taking pictures since the first week of high school in 1969. Over the years I’ve been blessed through circumstances and by design to have access to a significant number of photo opportunities. We have travelled far and wide, although not as far or as wide as I would like. One […]

Life Lessons that Chloe taught me

Meet Chloe, our thirteen and a half year old four legged daughter. She’s been an integral part of our lives for eleven of those years. We first met her at the Oakville Humane Society where she was recused from an extremely difficult start in life. It was love at first sight. She is so cool! […]

2021 Calendar – The rest of the story

The 2021 calendar is an aggregate of many special places and moments from the past. This article will tell the story of each picture. Other images in the blog will duplicate some of my previous entries. The cover was the result of five hours of concerted effort to master photographing these marvellous birds. It was […]

The Eyes Say It All.

One of my favourite sayings when I was on the safari. It’s not close enough if I can’t see their eyes! That was true of any animal or bird I was looking to photograph. It’s also true of people as well. There are exceptions of course. Some of the people pictures I take are definitely […]

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