The Essence of Imran

The Essence of Imran… curious, loyal, fearless, meticulous, relentless, grateful I didn’t know Imran personally until a couple of years ago.  Before that, I heard of him through friends and community members. I heard it said that he was quite a community-minded person. We got to meet and connect about two years ago.  We connected […]

The Essence of…Jean Roux

The Essence of… Jean Roux Indomitable Spirit ~ Pathfinder ~ Jongleur ~ Reflective ~ Ambassador ~ Joie de Vivre This is my first attempt at interviewing someone for the Essence portrait series.  I prefer taking the easy way out and having the subject write their answers.  In this case, Jean Roux decided it would be in our […]

The Essence of Maggie

The Essence of… Maggie Duckett Traditional ~ Adventurous ~ Spiritual ~ Romantic Artistic ~ Inventive I first met Margaret Duckett (Maggie) around 1982. We both worked at Sears in Square One.   As per usual, at first, this was a casual working relationship.  Cordial, but as in most working relationships, polite but distant.  Over time, we gravitated to one […]

The Essence of Jojo and Bill

The Essence of Jojo and Bill Blessed ~ Loved ~ Favoured ~Content ~ Precious ~ Talented This Essence Portrait was initially about Jojo, but it soon became obvious that I needed to make it a couple’s portrait.  It will still lean heavily on Jojo.  I didn’t even know Joice (Jojo) Martha two years ago. My […]

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