The Essence of Graham

The Essence of  Graham McWaters Passionate ~ Motivator ~ Energy Creative ~ Humorous ~ Entertainer Thanks again to my great friend Dan Bodanis, who was responsible for the invitation to the  Alumni Luncheon in December 2023, where I met Graham for the first time.  We have met several times since then.   I knew he was a good […]

The Essence of Jim and Judie

The Essence of Jim and Judie Judie Talkative ~ Spontaneous ~ Organized ~ Humorous ~ Optimistic ~ Adventurous Jim Sensitive ~ Precise ~ Enthusiastic ~ Adventuresome ~ Happy ~ Nice Very few people have made as much impact on my life as these two people.  They have been like having a big brother and a […]


SHILOH’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES IV ~ First Time at the Cottage and Oxtongue Lake Well, what can I say?  I’ve found a piece of heaven, almost. Let me explain – it appears that my parents don’t trust me just yet.  Normally, one would think that little old (young) me as a very trusty pal.  Mom and […]

The Essence of Michelle

The Essence of Michelle “A complete and utter badass” I have photographed Michelle a number of times over the past few years and have lots of wonderful shots. However, these photos are not only of Michelle, but literally her entire family. One of those photo sessions was her wedding where I was the photographer. Michelle’s […]

Brownman Ali ~ Trumpeter Extraordinaire

The Art of Music BROWNMAN ALI –  Trumpeter Extraordinaire Recently, I’ve been introduced to an incredible big band led by my friend Dan Bodanis. What is the name of this band, you ask?  Why — the Dan Bodanis Big Band, of course!   And his band features some truly exceptional musicians.   Trinidadian-born, multi-award winning trumpet […]

Peel Crime Stoppers

Peel Crime Stoppers… Peel First Responders RECOGNITION BBQ Caledon 2023 I used to think that something bad was happening to someone when an ambulance passed us.  My daughter, Tara, reframed my thinking and created a new paradigm for me. She said to think of this as someone getting much-needed assistance at a moment of distress. […]

The Essence of…Jean Roux

The Essence of… Jean Roux Indomitable Spirit ~ Pathfinder ~ Jongleur ~ Reflective ~ Ambassador ~ Joie de Vivre This is my first attempt at interviewing someone for the Essence portrait series.  I prefer taking the easy way out and having the subject write their answers.  In this case, Jean Roux decided it would be in our […]

The Essence of Maggie

The Essence of… Maggie Duckett Traditional ~ Adventurous ~ Spiritual ~ Romantic Artistic ~ Inventive I first met Margaret Duckett (Maggie) around 1982. We both worked at Sears in Square One.   As per usual, at first, this was a casual working relationship.  Cordial, but as in most working relationships, polite but distant.  Over time, we gravitated to one […]

The Essence of Jojo and Bill

The Essence of Jojo and Bill Blessed ~ Loved ~ Favoured ~Content ~ Precious ~ Talented This Essence Portrait was initially about Jojo, but it soon became obvious that I needed to make it a couple’s portrait.  It will still lean heavily on Jojo.  I didn’t even know Joice (Jojo) Martha two years ago. My […]


While picking just one theme as a favourite is hard, I “Love Shooting Portraits and especially the candid ones.” My ultimate goal is to capture the person’s essence, whether by doing an activity, simply posing or just in conversation. See my series called The Essence of… it’s in our blog section.  The Nurses from HCH […]

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