Musicians I have been in the fortunate position of photographing a number of events as the event photographer.  This means great access.  In fact I find it really hard to simply sit in audience pit and just enjoy.  It’s not the same feeling of being “IN” the show.  AT times, I feel like I’m in […]

“The Return Of The Terrors”

March 2020 began a strange two years with the start of Covid 19 shutdowns. The Tartan Terrors were playing gigs in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.   As they were about to play in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the first Covid closures were being announced. The NBA closed down for the season. College basketball made the difficult decision […]

When Opportunity Knocks!

When opportunity knocks! When opportunity knocks, open the door and walk through it! One of my core beliefs is that we don’t always know when an opportunity will present itself.   Not only that, but once it knocks, you’ve got to walk through that door. You have to recognize it for what it is – […]

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