The Essence of Graham

The Essence of  Graham McWaters Passionate ~ Motivator ~ Energy Creative ~ Humorous ~ Entertainer Thanks again to my great friend Dan Bodanis, who was responsible for the invitation to the  Alumni Luncheon in December 2023, where I met Graham for the first time.  We have met several times since then.   I knew he was a good […]

3 Days of Eilean Donan

Three Days at Eileen Donan I was on a mission during our trip to Scotland in 2023.  I would get my calendar-worthy picture of Eileen Donan Castle no matter what! To do that, I would need several opportunities under different lighting conditions. I knew that if I stayed in one spot long enough in Scotland, […]


There will always be something new to see if you are open to seeing it.

The Essence of Michelle

The Essence of Michelle “A complete and utter badass” I have photographed Michelle a number of times over the past few years and have lots of wonderful shots. However, these photos are not only of Michelle, but literally her entire family. One of those photo sessions was her wedding where I was the photographer. Michelle’s […]

Brownman Ali ~ Trumpeter Extraordinaire

The Art of Music BROWNMAN ALI –  Trumpeter Extraordinaire Recently, I’ve been introduced to an incredible big band led by my friend Dan Bodanis. What is the name of this band, you ask?  Why — the Dan Bodanis Big Band, of course!   And his band features some truly exceptional musicians.   Trinidadian-born, multi-award winning trumpet […]

The Essence of…Jean Roux

The Essence of… Jean Roux Indomitable Spirit ~ Pathfinder ~ Jongleur ~ Reflective ~ Ambassador ~ Joie de Vivre This is my first attempt at interviewing someone for the Essence portrait series.  I prefer taking the easy way out and having the subject write their answers.  In this case, Jean Roux decided it would be in our […]

“The Return Of The Terrors”

March 2020 began a strange two years with the start of Covid 19 shutdowns. The Tartan Terrors were playing gigs in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.   As they were about to play in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, the first Covid closures were being announced. The NBA closed down for the season. College basketball made the difficult decision […]

Life Lessons that Chloe taught me

Meet Chloe, our thirteen and a half year old four legged daughter. She’s been an integral part of our lives for eleven of those years. We first met her at the Oakville Humane Society where she was recused from an extremely difficult start in life. It was love at first sight. She is so cool! […]

2021 Calendar – The rest of the story

The 2021 calendar is an aggregate of many special places and moments from the past. This article will tell the story of each picture. Other images in the blog will duplicate some of my previous entries. The cover was the result of five hours of concerted effort to master photographing these marvellous birds. It was […]

For the Love of Lucy, Ikigai, La Familia and Joie de vivre

The last thing I thought I would be doing at 2:00 AM the day I returned home from the trip of a lifetime is writing a blog entry. (It’s now 30 hours later and I’m done!) We returned home late Monday afternoon, only for me to hear the news that my mother Lucy passed away […]

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